When we started the Robots In Gastronomy Group, we had a specific vision for what kind of news and information we wanted to collect and share with you.  In this article, we want to share a vision, or maybe better put, an application which is not exactly what we had in mind.  In any case, it is interesting to discuss as it certainly lies within the scope of site, if only in the periphery.

Here we see a curious application of robots in the kitchen.  Lets fly over to Hong Kong, where the Robotic Kitchen is cashing in on our love for gadgets.

The Robo Waiter 1, by Hong Kong Cyber Robotics Technology will cost you approximately $5,000.  For that price you get a motorized cart that comes to your table and allows you to order from it.  Is this better than a human waiter?  Is that the point?  Check out the blinking LEDs and its motorized action.  In any case, there is probably a human operator on the other end.  So this is more of a remote control flat screen for ordering.