In 2008 Phillips Launched a Design Futures Probe on Food.  This research, along with most of the Phillips Design Futures portfolio is aimed at how our lives will interact with technology and design in the future.  According to Phillips, in 15-20 years we will be more aware and more in control of the content in our food as well as closer to the creation of our food by growing it in our living rooms.  The initial research yielded three concepts:

The Diagnostic Kitchen: In the future we will be able to scan our foods to understand their nutritional values instead of having to rely on the ingredients list.  They propose a food sensor that will make sense of all of those ingredients which at times we’ve never actually heard of.

The Food Printer: This handy device is filled with cartridges which can apparently formulate any kind of flavor and consistency of edible goodness.  If future food comes in gelatin cubes filled with flavor, perhaps we should consider a redesign?  For some other interesting concoctions, check out the gallery bellow.

Home Farming: While urban gardens are starting to sprout up in many of our most populated urban environments, Phillips goes one further to suggest that we will be growing and cultivating at least a portion of our daily diets in our own cramped apartments.  This thin farming unit stacks several ecosystems on top of each other and even includes a tank with fish and other water loving animals we might consider eating any particular night of the week.

Check out the gallery for serving suggestions for our future meals.  All of the concepts are presented (according to Phillips) as provocateurs for discussion and not necessarily for prescribing how the future will be.  In any case, RobotsInGastronomy is all for a future where we are more informed about the food we eat, and can more precisely control our nutritional intake with little effort!