Bullipedia is coming!  Wait, what is that?  According to a BBC Business article penned By Ferran Adrià, Bullipedia will be a fundamental project of the elBulli Foundation:

La Bullipedia will be an online, curated database that will one day contain every piece of gastronomic knowledge. More than that though, it will connect cooks and chefs with ideas and data that would have previously taken them years to discover.

We are taking fundamental aspects of digital technology such as algorithms and data and applying it to food. We are putting the combined knowledge of El Bulli online where people can adapt and modify it, and draw inspiration from some of the most innovative recipes ever created.

-Ferran Adrià – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20221810

Backed by Telefonica Digital Hub, Bullipedia is set to launch in 2015.  There is not much to see on the parking page, but you can at least follow the project on Twitter, though there are no tweets to read just yet.  For not having any tweets, Bullipedia already has 833 followers at the time of writing.

One page info / teaser on Bullipedia