How often have you used that book of cocktails you got as a present?  Are you more of a ‘cocktail consumer’ than a ‘cocktail maker?’  Well it seems you are about to make a new friend.  Meet Bartendro, your robot friend that makes perfect cocktails every time.

The good people at Party Robotics created Bartendro with you, your family, your extended family, and all of your friends in mind with the various sizes for the digital bartender.  You can get Bartendro in a 1, 3, 7 , and 15 dispenser configuration to make your Girl Scout Cookie or Caramel Apple cocktails with a 1 milliliter precision.

This is the same crew who showed you how to turn water into wine for a neat party trick.

You can help them get an army of Party Robots out there by supporting their kickstarter campaign: