Lab Meat? In Vitro Meat? Engineered Meat? Schmeat? Whatever you call it, it’s made from the same cells as the beef you currently eat, which comes from a peaceful, meadow grazing animal. In the above video from a 2011 TEDMED conference, Gabor Forgacs from Modern Meadows demonstrates that eating lab meat is perfectly ok, as long as you cook it up with a little olive oil, salt, and a dash pf pepper.  Modern Meadows is a startup looking to change the way that meat and leather are produced by taking the cow out of the equation.  They are not necessarily targeting vegans or vegetarians, rather, they are tackling the issue of resources.  The process of producing, packaging, and delivering meat takes an incredible amount of resources, and Modern Meadows is looking to create a more resource friendly meat production alternative for future populations of meat eaters.  Modern Meadows is backed by investor and Paypal founder Peter Theil.

Lab meat is real, and it is edible, but it is not quite appealing.  It does not help that in the video Forgacs calls it a ‘construct’ instead of something out of the gastronomic nomenclature.  A lot like humanoid androids…Lab meat exists today, but we are not quite ready let it in our homes.  Having it be appealing is a matter of engineering and art, and perhaps not too far away.  In the end he proclaims that ‘It’s not bad.’

Meat is not the only thing Gabor Forgacs prints.  Forgacs is a consultant to Organovo, a company which is determined to produce organic tissues through 3D Printing.